We offer:

  • Every month a new program.
  • You can aks questions by Final Surge, email or whatsapp.
  • You can start every moment with a new trainingsplan.
  • We work with 4 periods (February untill April, May untill June, July untill September and October untill January). The costs are 7 euro per week till the next period. Every period is costing 75 euro for 3 months.
  • After registration and confirmation by Simba Athletics you receive a an email (by plink) for the payment. You can pay by Ideal, Sepa or creditcard.
  • To stop with Simba Athletics write at least 1 month before the end of the period an email to Simba Athletics. You will receive a notice by email.


Long runs, tempo runs, intervals, fartlek and hillwork will give you endurance, speed and power. Variation is very important. Reach your goals with the right mix of work-outs and train with fun so that you can keep on running.

Online program and logbook

We are working with the program Final Surge. With this app you can see your program all over the world at your computer, tablet or telephone. If you have a Garmin or Polar watch it’s very easy to connect and update your results to the logbook. Further you can complete how the work-out went, give comments and keep records of weight, resting pulse, injuries and etc. Every month you will receive a new personal program.

Contact with the coaches:

There are always reasons to get in contact with the coaches (Martijn or Christine Venhuizen). You can ask questions at Final Surge, whatsapp or email and elite athletes can make eventually an appointment for calling.

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